NTU, a Knowledge Node along the Modern ‘Silk Road’

Just over 30 years have gone by since China first adopted an open-door policy; and it is on its way to soon becoming the world's second largest economy. With China emerging as a major power in the new world order, a deeper understanding of and engagement with China becomes increasingly important. The rest of the world is beating a path to China to capitalise on its rapid growth; countless opportunities have opened up. Singapore, as a meeting point between East and West, both geographically and culturally, is ideally suited for conducting top-level research on China and playing a leading role in bringing the world and China together. The complementarities of Singapore and China can be further developed for the benefit of both countries.

Within Singapore, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is well placed to advance China research, given its heritage, strong China connections and expertise in China-focused research, NTU is uniquely positioned to support Singapore in its continued engagement with China.

Key Research Driver along NTU’s New Silk Road

To leverage strategically the growing collaboration opportunities between Singapore and China, NTU has identified the New Silk Road as one of its Five Peaks of Excellence; and China will form the initial focus.

Under this distinctive backdrop, the Nanyang China Institute (NCI) – which will be renamed upon receipt of a namesake donation – has been set up as the key research driver to spearhead interdisciplinary research on China. Specifically, NCI focuses on building a portfolio of strategic research programmes on China with the aim of propelling NTU to the forefront of China research in the global knowledge arena.

Leading Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on China

The vision of NCI is to be a leading centre for interdisciplinary research, especially policy-relevant research, on China. NCI aspires to be recognised internationally by scholars and the public at large in both China and the West.

A major focus of NCI is to conduct, organise, and facilitate interdisciplinary research on the complex cultural, economic, social, and political fabric of China. NCI will also make available competitive funding for selected interdisciplinary research programmes on China, directly related to the Five Peaks of Excellence of NTU.